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Vet Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Heartland Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the latest equipment in veterinary medicine to care for your pet. Digital imaging is a valuable diagnostic tool and we are excited to offer cutting edge Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT) scanning.

*We are the first veterinary hospital in Iowa to install the NewTom 5G Veterinary Cone Beam CT scanner. 

The NewTom 5G Cone Beam CT creates a three-dimensional, cone-like beam, which generates a large amount of data that is easily and immediately converted into a traditional and three-dimensional image. This advanced technology has many benefits to your pet such as:

  • High-tech scan occurs rapidly to reduce radiation exposure and anesthesia time
  • File is automatically sent to a veterinary radiologist for interpretation
  • CT scans offer valuable diagnostics to help create the optimal plan of treatment
  • Complete patient records—The CT Scan is saved and can be shared with other providers on a DVD or flash drive

Veterinary CT Scan Uses

An accurate diagnosis of your pet’s underlying health issue leads to successful treatment options. CT Scans are useful in the diagnosis of a wide variety of problems that occur and they are ideal to view the internal structures of your pet such as:

  • Dental disease
  • Nasal disease
  • Ear canal disorders
  • Orthopedic conditions
  • Spine and spinal cord disorders with the aid of contrast dye
  • Soft tissue tumors
  • Myelography
  • Evaluation of abdominal organs
  • Lungs

Cutting Edge Cone Beam CT Scan

We are excited to bring the newest and best technology in advanced imaging to Heartland Animal Hospital. Cone beam technology can offer better image quality when compared to traditional CT scans.




Why Cone Beam Technology?

Traditional CT scans operate by producing a “fan”-like beam of radiation that creates one image “slice” at a time. This fan beam must circle the patient repeatedly to generate all of the slices needed to create a full image. In comparison, the Cone Beam CT creates a three-dimensional “cone”-like beam. This means that the beam only has to circle the patient one time to image an entire area, exposing your pet to far less radiation.

The scanner also senses and responds to patient size, producing even less radiation for our smaller patients. Studies in human maxillo-facial and dental imaging have shown that Cone Beam CTs expose a patient to anywhere from 5-100 times less radiation than traditional CTs. Finally, the cone generates a huge amount of data that is easily and immediately converted into a traditional and three-dimensional image.


Why the NewTom 5G Vet CT?

This high-tech unit is capable of completing a 360-degree revolution in substantially less time than a traditional CT scan, exposing your pet to far less radiation. This means less time under anesthesia for your pet. The scan is immediately saved as a type of file called a “DICOM”. This file is sent automatically to a veterinary radiologist for interpretation, providing a rapid and board certified second opinion for our Doctors. The NewTom software allows us to save specific images right into your pet’s medical record, and to generate a wide variety of reports that can be sent to you and your regular veterinarian if you are referred for a CT scan.

CT Scans are useful in a wide variety of problems that occur in our veterinary patients. They are used to look at the lungs for chronic respiratory problems and to rule out metastatic cancer, to provide beautiful detail of nasal disease, ear canal disorders, and dental disease, and to evaluate abdominal organs. They are particularly well suited for diagnosing certain subtle orthopedic conditions, and for indirectly imaging the spinal the spinal cord with the aid of myelographic contrast. CT scans with intravenous contrast can help demonstrate how large some soft tissue tumors are, allowing a better chance for complete removal. 


CT REFERRAL FORM *Print and complete.  Please fax to (319) 373-8677 OR e-mail to Please call with questions-(319)-373-8387.

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